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 What does 'Pre-Order' mean?

This means that we have ordered the stock but it is yet to arrive. We will ship your order out once your piece arrives. 

What Material are your earrings made of? 

Each piece varies, so check out the description section under each product for more product specific info. 


What happens if I make a mistake with my address details? 

If you realise that you have entered your address incorrectly (ahhh panic mode, right) please email us immediately and we will attempt to amend this, provided your order has not yet been packaged. 


Where is Betty's NZ based?

We're based in the mighty fine town of little old Oamaru, New Zealand 

Will my jewellery tarnish?

Short answer, no. Stainless steel and Stirling Silver pieces will not tarish. Gold/silver/copper plated is more vulnerable if not cared for properly. Plated rings in particular are likely to wear over time due to coming into contact with various surfaces + rubbing agains other rings. 

Like most jewellery, it needs to be looked after well if it is going to stand the test of time.

Avoid contact with water, makeup, perfume etc, and clean jewellery occasionally.